Children's Smartwatch Recalled Over ‘Serious’ Privacy Risks


The European Commission has ordered a recall of a smartwatch for children because of what is calls a “serious” privacy risk.

The watch, called Safe-KID-One, is a product of the German electronics manufacturer Enox. The company sells other smartwatch models, as well as televisions and wireless communication devices.

The company says the smartwatch can be used by parents to learn where their children are at all times and contact them. It says this can be done with a computer software program, or app.

The EC’s warning said the app linked to the Safe-KID-One device can permit non-secure communications with the system’s computer server. The server’s security issues make it possible for people to break into the system and steal private information.

As a result, “data such as location history, phone numbers and serial number can be easily retrieved and changed,” it warned.

“A malicious user can send commands to any watch - making it call another number of his choosing - can communicate with the child wearing the device, or locate the child through GPS,” the warning said.

The founder of Enox, Ole Anton Bieltvedt, spoke to the British Broadcasting Corporation about the EC’s decision. He said the device had met all German government rules last year before being offered to the public. He added that the version of the smartwatch tested by the EC was no longer being sold.

Enox plans to appeal the recall decision.