Is Your Android Battery Healthy? Here's How to Check

Saving battery life is an important concern for most Android users. But beyond conserving juice in day-to-day use, have you ever thought about preserving the overall life of your phone’s battery?

Over time, batteries wear out, as we’ve seen recently with the iPhone slowdown case. They can’t hold a charge like they did when new, so you get less usage even when they’re fully charged. Thus, you might wish to check your phone’s battery health and get some help preserving it.

Thankfully, while you can’t do this natively in Android, there’s an app that makes it easy.

For this task, you’ll want to download the free app Accubattery. It’s not the only battery monitor on Android, but it’s a great one for the job.

Once installed, the app will walk you through a brief introduction to what it does, including research on battery lifespan. They’ve found that by only charging your battery to a maximum of 80 percent (instead of 100 percent), you can increase its longevity by quite a bit.

Eventually, you’ll hit a slider where you can set a charge alarm. The app recommends setting this at 80%, but you can select a different level if you like. After this, it performs a quick calibration and you’re ready to go.

To get results, you’ll need to use your device as normal for a while. After some time, Accubattery will collect information about your phone’s battery (and your usage) and display stats in the app. This will appear after just a day or two of use, but you’ll get better results after using it for weeks and months.

Inside the app, you’ll see information about how long your battery will last on the Discharging tab. This also includes details about your average battery usage, usage per app, and more.

Use the Charging tab to see how quickly your device charges, and the Health tab to review the wear on your battery and see how it compares to a brand-new one.