Save Money & Drive Innovation with IT Managed Services

Hiring internal staff to take care of your company’s technology infrastructure and IT needs can be costly.  To cut down costs, an increased number of small to medium sized businesses are turning to Managed IT Service Providers.  Our team will ensure your business has all of the necessary IT support staff at a fraction of the cost.  In this blog, we will explain how IT managed services will both improve and save your business money.

Using Our Team to Supplement Yours

It takes a fleet of networking, administrative and support staff to keep a company's IT infrastructure patched and bug-free — and that doesn’t count the cost of a 24-hour security team to prevent breaches, or expensive outside experts to help in a crisis.

The problem is, you only need these staff members for emergencies, upgrades and a few daily maintenance tasks. Your admins will do their jobs and wait for something to break. Your security team? 95% of the time, they’ll be sitting there, watching for an attack with nothing else to do. For onsite IT, you can either eat the costs, or risk being caught unprepared.

Nebula Consulting's IT managed services team provide better support for less by spreading the labor costs among our partners. With daily hardware and software maintenance, state-of-the-art cybersecurity and 24-hour emergency support, we provide a level of service you couldn’t afford in-house, at a far lower cost. We can take the worry — and the expense — out of your IT systems.

Quick Access to New Technology

Whether it’s the latest in spam filters, or a new firewall, having a dedicated IT support partner means you’re gaining ready access to software and hardware that will be a great fit for your organization.  No longer will you incur technology costs and discover later that a solution is incompatible with your system.

Few in-house IT teams in small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have time to research or stay certified in new tools and solutions. Fortunately, when you leverage the power of an IT MSP, you’re gaining the depth-of-bench and group research power of a much larger organization, without the high cost of employment.

Proactive Security and Support

When something goes wrong with your network, you need to know that someone is immediately jumping into action to bring your services and infrastructure back online. While not all failures can be prevented, the good news is that early detection can often help mitigate damage, and ensure that critical data is secure at all times.

A Strategic Focus on Growth and Innovation

Innovation is a term that’s used loosely throughout the business world.  What does it mean for SMBs? It can be challenging for them to be leading adopters simply due to the cost of entry.

IT decision-making is vastly different for SMBs than it is for larger enterprises.  Leaders of SMBs often have more input into how technology dollars are spent than their larger counterparts. However, it typically takes them longer to implement innovative IT projects.  The answer for many is to outsource this task to a managed services provider rather than using in-house techs.