3 Tips to Save Money & Energy with Smart Home

Investing in smart home technology is more than just a cool party trick, it can also help you save money and energy.


Your heating and cooling system can be a big contributor to your electricity bill. One of the easiest ways to save money and cut down this cost is to install a programmable thermostat. WiFi thermostats, for example, the ecobee4, allow you to save energy and change the temperature or schedule your thermostat from anywhere. You can create schedules, set reminders/alerts, make sure the temperature is turned off when you’re away from home, and more. When used effectively, smart thermostats may generate noticeable savings every month.

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Did you know that incandescent light bulbs can give off more energy in the form of heat rather than light? Because of this, the extra heat coming from your light bulbs could be making your home warmer, causing you to use more energy to cool it down. Simply changing your light bulb to CFL or LED lights can help you save money on your electricity bill. You can also reduce energy usage by swapping out your light switches with dimmers, timers, motion detectors and smart switches. Set timers and presence detection around your home to make sure your lights are turned off when you’re not at home. Connect your smart lights with your Echo device and simply say, “Alexa, trigger I’m leaving” to have all of your lights turn off at once.

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Ever look at your electricity bill and wonder where all of that electricity is going? Take out the guesswork by using smart plugs to help you monitor which appliances in your home may be using the most energy. Many appliances, like home entertainment systems, may be consuming energy even when you’re not using them. Connecting these to a smart plug can help you track how much energy these appliances are using through an app on your smart phone. You can also set up timers to automatically turn these off when they are not in use to help you save more money on your electricity bill.

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