5 Advantages of Structured Cabling That Make Your Life Better

Did you Nebula Consulting installs voice, data & video cabling systems? Over 50% of network issues are caused by cabling issues. New, structured cabling increases network speeds by up to 10x, supplies power to equipment, supports future upgrades & reduces install time. All our cabling is installed by a licensed electrician. By nature a structured cabling system is more neat and organized than the traditional point-to-point cabling systems. A structured cabling system does take planning, but after you have it set, you can rest easy. The advantages include –

    • Supports future upgrades – the modular design make moves, adds and changes a snap!
    • Reduces install time – by allowing for efficient changes and upgrades
    • Reduces cabling bulk and congestion – an organized and planned infrastructure allows for the use of smaller diameter trunk cabling and cleaner cable management
    • Improves airflow – reduced congestion decreases the chances for blocked airflow and crushed cables
  • Reduces power and cooling usage and cost